Crikvenica, Croatia

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Main tourist info about visiting Crikvenica

Tourist board
TZ Crikvenica
Address: Trg Stjepana Radića 1c, Crikvenica
Phone: +385 (0)51 784 101
Fax: +385 (0)51 781 056
Country: Croatia, European Union
Region: Kvarner
County: Primorsko-goranska
Postal code: 51260

Accommodation in Crikvenica

With almost 150 years long tourism tradition in Crikvenica, you can be sure you will find accommodation to your liking.
It is not important if you are on a budget or you are looking for luxury, hotel, apartment or place to park your house on the wheels we are sure you can find perfect spot or place just for you in this beautiful tourist destination.
Please use this upper booking application to find best prices for your visit to Crikvenica, enter your desired dates and you will get most reliable and affordable offer on all accommodation including apartments, hotels and private rooms in Crikvenica and nearby.

Location of Crikvenica

Crikvenica city is located on Croatian coast of Adriatic Sea just opposite to island Krk in the region of Croatia knows as Croatian Littoral (Hrvatsko primorje) on the southern tip of Kvarner Gulf.
Crikvenica is very close to the city of Rijeka that is major traffic hub of this part of Europe and the biggest city in this part of Croatia (around 35-minute or 35km drive from Crikvenica to Rijeka).
Location of Crikvenica made this small city on crystal clear Adriatic Sea one of the most popular tourist spots in Croatia.

History of Crikvenica

History of Crikvenica started in ancient times on nearby hill named Kotor where first settlement and fortress was built by Illyrians and Romans under the name Ad Turres.
The purpose of this fortress was to defend key road between Italy and Senia (today's city of Senj in Croatia) that was key crossroad between Italy, Dalmatia, and inland Illyria.
The only existing to date Roman road map “Peutinger Table” (or Tabula Peutingeriana in Latin) that dates from 4th or 5th AD and covers road network within Roman empire puts Ad Turres on Adriatic Sea coast between settlements of Tarsatica (today city of Rijeka in Croatia) and Senia (today city of Senj in Croatia) as the only strong point with military garrison on this very long stretch of important road for Roman empire.
At the end of 6th and beginning of 7th century after the birth of Christ when Croats inhabited this area they renamed the settlement Ad Turres to Kotor - “Kod Tor” (near the towers).
Croatian Christian parish of Kotor was part of the small medieval town of Grižane (near today city of Novi Vinodolski in Croatia) that was governed since year 1225 by Croatian noble family Frankopan until the year 1671 when Croatian noblemen Petar Zrinski and Fran Krsto Frankopan were executed in Wiener Neustadt after a plot in which they tried to liberate Croatia from Austrian and Hungarian occupation.
The first mention of today name Crikvenica in an official document is dated to 14th of August 1412 in Deed of Gift issued in Modruš when Croatian grand-duke Nikola IV Frankopan gave renovated church of Virgin Mary to Pauline monks. Renovated church was built at the mouth of the river Dubračina next to the old church (crkva in Croatian) and some people consider this to be the reason for today name Crikvenica.
After the big fire that devastated old town of Kotor in the year 1776 most of the people resettled to what we now know as the city of Crikvenica.
Tourism in Crikvenica started in the second part of the 19th century while this part of Croatia was still governed by Austria and Hungary and Crikvenica was best then best known for health tourism what was mostly due to the construction of first wooden swimming baths in 1888 followed by hotel Therapia in 1895 and hotel Miramare in 1906.

Tourism in Crikvenica

The city of Crikvenica is one of the most popular tourist places on Adriatic for both holiday makers and business/congress travelers.
Due to the very long history of being a tourist oriented city, Crikvenica has something to offer to every kind of visitor or holidaymaker.
Lots of beaches, plenty of nighlife full of music and fun but also a lot of places where you can find your private peace away from the beat of the loud city.
When you visit Crikvenica once, for sure you will return every year at least for a day or two.

beach in Crikvenica
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Must visit events in Crikvenica and nearby

When we are talking about events you must visit in Crikvenica it really depends on which time of the year you have the pleasure of visiting the beautiful town of Crikvenica and what kind of things you prefer.
Crikvenica with width almost 150 years long tradition as a tourist destination has something to offer to visitors during the whole year starting with glamorous New Year celebration to many cultural, sport, music, historical and other kinds of events.
In this shorter list of best events, we are sure you will find something you can enjoy.
- Carnival events (January)
- Carnival events (February)
- Crikvenica Triathlon (April)
- Flower Festival (April)
- Promotional Healing Day (April)
- International kickboxing tournament "Crikvenica open" (May)
- International Senior games (May)
- XCM cycling marathon "Crikvenica" (May)
- International Folk Festival "Adriatica Folk Fest" (July)
- Cherry Festival (June)
- It's time for the Oily fish week! 5th Oily Fish Week - Oily Fish Route (June)
- Primorska noć traditional evening (June)
- Spring in Adria folklore festival (June)
- CrikvArt street art festival (July)
- Primorska noć traditional evening (July)
- Table tennis tournament "Plaža Crikvenica" (July)
- "Adriatica Folk Fest" international folklore festival (August)
- "Summer in Adria" Festival in Crikvenica! (August)
- Crikvenica swimming marathon (August)
- Crikvenica under the moonlight (organized walk) (August)
- Festival of Chakavian words (August)
- Fisherman's week (August)
- Grand Prix Crikvenica (fishing cup) (August)
- Primorska noć traditional evening (August)
- Sailing regatta "Fisherman's week"- Memorial to "Branimir Jurinčić and "Marijan Pavletić” (August)
- Town of Crikvenica day (entertainment programe, night procession, fireworks) (August)
- Crikvenica international Music Festival (September)
- Martinja - Feast of St. Martin (November)

Must see places in Crikvenica and nearby

In and around the city of Crikvenica visitors can find many tourist attraction from historical sites, museums, ruins of old cities, places of natural beauty and many entertainment sites.
What we would like you to recommend is:
- Adrenalin park
  Klanfari 7, 51260 Crikvenica
  Phone.: + 385 98 259 755, + 385 98 240 794

- City museum
  Address: Preradovićeva 1, 51260 Crikvenica
  Phone: +385 51 781 000

- Crikvenica Town Gallery
  Address: Frankopanska 6, 51260 Crikvenica
  Phone: + 385 51 242 372, Fax: +385 51 784-062

- Crikvenica Town Library
  Address: Strossmayerovo šetalište 22, 51260 Crikvenica
  Phone: +385 51 243-238, Fax: +385 51 784-023
  E-mail: knjiznica-crikvenica@ri.t-com .hr

- Crikvenica aquarium
  Address: Vinodolska 8, 51260 Crikvenica
  Phone: +385 51 241 006

- Parish church of St. Anthony
  Address: Pavla Radića 8, 52160 Crikvenica
  Phone: +385 51 242-395, fax: +385 51 242-39

- Parish church of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  Address: Frankopanska bb, 51260 Crikvenica

- Convent of Sisters of the Sacred Heart
  Address: Frankopanska 43, 51260 Crikvenica
  Phone: +385 51 781-088

- Parish church of St. Helen
  Address: Dramalj 2, 52160 Crikvenica
  Phone: +385 51 786-277 Fax: +385 51 786-011

- Northern Velebit National Park
  Krasno 96 , 53274 Krasno
  Phone +385 53 665 380

- Velebit Nature Park
  Kaniža bb, 53000 Gospić
  Phone 053/560 450

Where to eat in Crikvenica

One thing is for sure! You will not stay hungry in Crikvenica ;)
Here you can find all kind of restaurants and food stand from those affordable to everyone’s budget to those with sophisticated taste in food. Kvarner cuisine is well known for the richness of flavors it can offer.
During the main summer season, all around the Crikvenica city there is a lot of fast food spots even opened 24/7 so you can have a taste of traditional or fast food after a good night out in many of the disco clubs.

If you are looking for a good meal in Crikvenica we recommend:

- Bistro Corso
  Address: Strossmayerovo šetalište 48, 51260 - Crikvenica
  Phone: + 385 (0)51 24 12 37

- Gostiona Zrinski
  Address: Kralja Tomislava 43, 51260 - Crikvenica
  Phone: + 385 (0)51 24 11 16

- Restaurant Burin
  Address: Dr. Ivana Kostrenčića 10a, 51260 - Crikvenica
  Phone: + 385 (0)51 78 52 09

- Restaurant Rubin
  Address: Kralja Zvonimira 80, 51260 - Crikvenica
  Phone: + 385 (0)51 24 15 80

- Restoran Galija
  Address: Gajevo šetalište 1, 51260 - Crikvenica
  Phone: + 385 (0)51 78 47 10

How to get to Crikvenica

The city of Crikvenica is very good connected with all means of transport to all destination in Croatia and across the world.

How to get to Crikvenica by car
If you are coming from the north of Croatia thru the city of Zagreb fastest way is to enter highway (A1) at entry point Lučko (next to Zagreb) and drive towards city of Rijeka until you reach exit point “Oštrovica” that will take you around 1:10h drive (128km). After exit point “Oštrovica” drive towards Luka Otok Cres/Crikvenica/Otok Krk/D5061 till you reach your destination it will take around additional 15-minutes’ drive (14km).
If you wish to avoid big traffic jams in summer season peak, we recommend you not to use highway at all but to drive on old Lujzijana road from the city of Karlovac towards the city of Rijeka. Lujzijana road was finished by the French Empire between 1803 and 1811 and was named after Napoleon's second wife Marie Louise. On this old road you can enjoy beautiful small towns on your way and almost wild nature on good part of your trip, eat domestic food in many restaurants by the road and visit old Croatian cities like Karlovac, Zdihovo (must stop station for excellent food), Severin na Kupi (with ruins of old castle from the year 1558), Skrad (where you can see powerful spring at the bottom of a shallow cave what lies at the foot of seventy meters high colorful layered rock), Delnice, Lokve. If you decide to take this old road it will take you around 2:40h drive (140km) from the city of Karlovac to the city of Crikvenica.
If you are coming to Croatia thru border crossing Rupa Pasjak (from the Republic of Slovenia) just follow Adriatic coastal road (D8) towards city Senj, Split. From border crossing Rupa Pasjak it takes around 0:50h (60km) enjoyable drive thru many tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast and we recommend you to visit on the way places like Jadranovo, Dramalj where you can take a relaxing beach break. During your drive, you can enjoy the unforgettable scenery of Adriatic since this road is mostly positioned just by the sea all the time.

How to get to Crikvenica by plain
Nearest International airport to the city of Crikvenica is Rijeka airport on the island of Krk. To reach Rijeka airport go north on Adriatic coastal road (D8) towards the city of Rijeka till you get to the exit point for island Krk around 11-minute drive (12km) and then take the local road toward island Krk and Airport Rijeka 11 minutes (9km). On this stretch of the road you will need to pay bridge crossing toll, you pay this toll only once since exit from the island is free. Our recommendation is always to arrange transport from this Rijeka airport to Crikvenica before you plan your trip since local lines are very bad. Our recommendation is to use Zagreb International Airport and then order a Taxi that will drive you probably faster and more enjoyable than local transport from Rijeka airport. You can order a taxi from Airport Zagreb to the city of Crikvenica here.

How to get to Crikvenica by bus
The city of Crikvenica has many direct lines to the major bus station in Croatia and Europe.
From Crikvenica and to Crikvenica you can arrive by bus from this major destination in Croatia:
Crikvenica - Karlovac (around 2:50h drive)
Crikvenica - Krk (around 3:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Novalja (around 2:50h drive)
Crikvenica - Pag (around 3:20h drive)
Crikvenica - Pula (around 3:20h drive)
Crikvenica - Rab (around 2:10h drive)
Crikvenica - Rijeka (around 0:47h drive)
Crikvenica - Split (around 7:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Zadar (around 3:30h drive)
Crikvenica - Zagreb (around 3:45h drive)
From Crikvenica and to Crikvenica you can arrive by bus from this major destination in Europe:
Crikvenica - Basel, Switzerland (around 13:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Bellinzona, Switzerland (around 9:15h drive)
Crikvenica - Dortmund, Germany (around 22:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Frankfurt, Germany (around 16:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Hamburg, Germany (around 25:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Luzern, Switzerland (around 11:15h drive)
Crikvenica - Munich, Germany (around 9:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Stuttgart, Germany (around 12:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Trieste, Italy (around 4:00h drive)
Crikvenica - Zurich, Switzerland (around 12:00h drive)

Bus station Crikvenica
Address: Nike Veljačića 3, 51260 Crikvenica
Phone: +385 60 300 100

How to get to Crikvenica by train
The city of Crikvenica is only 35km away from the nearest train station in the city of Rijeka and have a very good bus connection to this train station.

Train station Rijeka
Address: Trg Kralja Tomislava 1, 51000 Rijeka
Phone: + 385 51 211 304

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